Take Two

Were going to try this website thing again! With Covid-19 and social isolation we realize the demands this puts on online shopping and would like to make our product more available. Our down-town store is also open again throughout the week! Stay tuned on social media to see new product arrivals and links to purchase online as we add select products to the website! 

If you haven't followed @thefarmhouseprojects on Instagram head over and check it out. My husband and I are putting the finishing touches on our newly built home and have shared our entire journey there. I am so proud of him for taking my vision and bringing it to light! 

Our recent adventure has been adding chickens to the backyard. We have raised them from chicks. I love sitting out there watching them! I am so excited to have fresh eggs in the home and maybe one day soon...at the store! Pictured below is Gretchen. As my photographer likes to say "Grouchy Gretch"


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